Admission Info


Admission is due in full for all Mud National Events as you enter the gate for the event.

Admission must be paid in cash. Event Prices are as stated below:

Mud Nationals, Arkansas:  
$75 per person for the event – Wednesday – Sunday
$30 Dry Camping for RVs (no hookups)
Children under 6 years old get in free with a paid adult.

If you are 17 and under you must fill out and notarize a consent form. (Parent Consent Form)
Early charges are $20 per person/per day if you arrive early.
Early camping charges are $15 per day for each day you arrive early.
If you come prior to Wednesday, you must arrive before 8PM.


Dropping Off Campers/Roping Off Areas – If you want to drop off your camper, you can do so, but you cannot rope off an area around your camper unless you are staying with your camper.  Unattended campers left with roped areas around them will have the roping removed.


Everyone has to wear their armbands on their arm regardless if they are leaving the park or not. NO EXCEPTIONS. If it gets too tight, breaks or gets too muddy, bring it to the front gate and they will exchange it for you. You must bring your original armband with you to get it exchanged.

Motorhomes, RV campers, enclosed trailers, etc. need to arrive at the park unlocked as they are subject to be checked by park security &/or park staff for persons attempting to enter the event without paying admission fees. Anyone found hiding or attempting to enter event without paying will be escorted from of the park along with EVERYONE who is with them in the tow vehicle, regardless of whether or not the others have paid their admission, and will be banned from this event.

Please help keep the costs down by bagging your trash and putting it in one of the dumpsters that are located throughout the park.


Event Details
  • Start Date
    March 27, 2019 08:00 AM
  • End Date
    March 31, 2019 12 PM
  • Location
  • Organizer
    Mud National Events
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  • Email
  • Address
    6214 Highway 29 N, Blevins, Arkansas 71825
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