Mud Bog


We are bringing more mud slinging fun back to Hill City, Minnesota at Quadna Mountain Park.  Here’s what you can expect at the Mug Bog – Less water and more mud! Love to get your bike dirty? Then the Mud Bog is perfect for you! There are 7 classes: Lite, Bogger 1, Bogger 2, Pro Class A (Short Length), Pro Class B (long length), Open Class and RUV

Event Registration: Sign up at the High Lifter Information/Registration tent before noon on Saturday, June 8th. Entry fees are non-refundable.

Event Location, Date, & Time: A mandatory drivers meeting will be held at 2pm at the mud pit prior to the event.

There is a $20 entry fee (per class) to participate in each race. All participants must be 16 years of age or older. Click below for specific class rules.

Mud Bog Rules & Details


DOT Helmets, boots and gloves must be worn during all competitions as well as long sleeve shirts and long pants. Motocross style boots are not required. No oilfield/construction hardhats or military helmets will be allowed. Boots mean waders, leather work boots, rubber knee boots, motocross boots, lace up boots, etc. over the ankles. This is intended to prevent sandals, flip flops, tennis shoes and any other type of open toe shoe. Racers must wear foot protection that will completely cover the foot and go over the ankle. Any glove that covers the entire hand to the wrist is acceptable.

There is a $20 entry fee (per class) to participate in each race. 
You can register for this event at the information tent before Noon on the day of the event.
Cut-off for registering to enter this event is Saturday, June 8th @ 12pm
Event Details