UTV Short Course Race- Hillarosa

You don’t want to miss these powerful machines ripping around this grueling course as the drivers battle in head to head action with the same goal in  sight.  It is truly a battle of man, machine and the shear will to win.  The mental and physical strength needed to become a champion is what makes these riders some of the toughest athletes in the world.

This UTV Short Course Event pays out $10,000

Registration costs and classes for the UTV Short Course is as follows:

800 cc Class                        Registration is $25

Pro Non-Turbo Class       Registration is $75

Pro Turbo Class                 Registration is $125

Event Registration : Sign up at the High Lifter Information/Registration tent before 12 pm on Saturday, March 30th.

Event Date & Time : Staging for this event will begin Saturday, March 30th at 12:30 pm with the event to begin at 1 pm.

 We would like to thank Polaris for sponsoring this event!



1.  Doors over both side openings

2.   Nets covering both remaining openings OR arm restraints are STRONGLY recommended

3.  4 or 5 point seat belt harness for both driver and passenger

4.  A 2.5 pound fire extinguisher with pressure gauge on board

5.  DOT approved helmet for both driver and passenger

6.  No Nitrous on any UTV allowed

7.  Turbos and superchargers allowed in Pro Class only

8.  A “SFI” fire suit is required for driver and passenger (single layer or better)

9.  Protective eyewear for both driver and passenger

10. Race number must be prominently displayed on front and back of UTV

11. No aftermarket lights on during daytime races

12. No horns, bells or other sound making devices permitted in any class

13. Intentional hitting or flipping will result in a DQ

14. No radios that allow communications outside of car

15. Any production UTV motor allowed in any matching brand production UTV frame, 4-wheel drive model required

16. Frame geometry must remain as designed by OEM

17. Electric shut off switch is highly recommended

18. There will be no open practice



DOT Helmets, boots and gloves must be worn during all competitions as well as long sleeve shirts and long pants. Motocross style boots are not required. No oilfield/construction hardhats or military helmets will be allowed. Boots mean waders, leather work boots, rubber knee boots, motocross boots, lace up boots, etc. over the ankles. This is intended to prevent sandals, flip flops, tennis shoes and any other type of open toe shoe. Racers must wear foot protection that will completely cover the foot and go over the ankle. Any glove that covers the entire hand to the wrist is acceptable.

You can register for this event at the information tent before Noon on the day of the event.
Cut-off time to enter this race is Saturday, March 30th @ 12pm.
You must collect your winnings at the Information Booth
Event Details