Miss High Lifter Mud Nationals 2020 Top Ten

Thank you to the thousands of fans who voted! See below for the top ten finalists who will compete in the 2020 Virtual Miss High Lifter Mud Nationals competition.

Hi I’m Bailey Marie! I was born and raised in Chino Valley, Arizona. I’m a mamma’s girl, water baby, and two-time reigning Miss Mint 400, (the great American offroad race). I will represent High Lifter in 2020 with the enthusiasm of a rider and the heart of the girl next door! Let’s “send it together” High Lifter Nation!
Hello, my name is Baylee Day, and I was born in West Monroe, LA but grew up in Crossett, AR. I am the kind of person that strives to make a name for myself so that when people think of me, they know I went above and beyond to take care of them at the best of my ability. With that being said, I feel that this is how High Lifter should be represented and I would love the chance to get to do so.
I’m Brittany Dunn from Tulsa, Oklahoma. My entire life has been built around racing and going fast. I raced off road mud trucks for almost 10 years, raced a hard tail dragster and have owned many fast cars and trucks. Vote for me and I’ll keep life muddy and wild as your 2020 Miss High Lifter Mud Nationals.
I’m Haley, just a small-town girl from Alabama. I don’t have a job most people dream about, I actually work two. I am a plumber with my father for his company, and then I’m also a bartender. I’m very thankful for everything and take pride in my bike along with all the people we meet along the way. That is the reason I know I have what it takes to be the first ever Miss High Lifter Mud Nationals.
My name is Katelynn Creekmore. I am 23 years young, and I live in McAlester, Oklahoma with my boyfriend and the best two fur babies ever. I am fun, outgoing, and not afraid of anything. I love the outdoors especially riding, I haven’t passed up a mud hole yet. I love a good time and I would love an opportunity to represent a name like High Lifter!
My name is Krista Sims. I’m a 24-year-old sports enthusiast born and raised in Montana, and I moved down south to Arkansas in 2015. Off-roading has been a passion of mine since I have been down south. The rush of being on a 4-wheeler hearing the engine and sliding around in the mud is a feeling like no other. High Lifter is a brand, a company, a family. I’m driven to make a name for myself, and I can’t think of a better way to start than with High Lifter!
My name is Michelle McGriff. I am an unbridled spirit from southern Arkansas that has a deep drive to roam and explore. I only regret the rides I didn’t take! I think that I should be the first Miss High Lifter to set a high standard for future Miss High Lifters. I’m a pinch of soul with a whole lot of sass….a sprinkle of wild with just enough class!
I’m Randi, a 30-year-old avid off-road enthusiast and driver from Houston, TX whose passion for mud and power go hand in hand. I thrive on learning all the ins and outs of the scene from turning wrenches to finding the best parts to try and break on the next ride. The Miss High Lifter Mud Nationals title needs someone who is in the midst of the races, mud pits, and the people but also understands what is driving the outdoor industry, and I would be honored to be that female.
Hi y’all! My name is Sophie Swaney. I was born and raised on a farm in West Tennessee where I was introduced to the outdoor lifestyle from the very beginning! I’ve always been called the girly tomboy due to the fact that in a split second I can go from all dolled up to down and dirty! As someone who has always been known as a social butterfly, I feel I can proudly and accurately be a representation of the brand and what High Lifter represents as your Miss High Lifter 2020!
Hey everyone, I’m Stephanie from the peach state! I’m known as svtbarbie, based on my love for racing cars and passion for the automotive industry. I love all things outdoors and have a passion for medical too! I feel like I would make a good Miss High Lifter Mud Nationals because I have a passion for the industry and learning it better and its growth.