Tug o War

High Lifter Mud Nationals Hillarosa is putting machine against machine in our all new Tug o War Challenge! You’re going to want to get in on this action if you’re always the one pulling your friends out of mud holes. This ain’t your standard game, only the strongest SXSs will survive.

SXSs will oppose each other on a concrete pad with a 30-foot strap hooked to the rear of each machine. The middle of the strap will be centered on the track. The competitor who pulls the other 15 feet across the line or the farthest in 30 seconds will be the winner. The best of three wins the round and is moved on to the next bracket.

Registration will take place at the High Lifter Mud Nationals Information Booth starting at 9AM on Wednesday, April 7 and will close once all spots are filled or Thursday, April 8 at 11AM. The registration fee for this event is $20. The bracket will consist of 20 machines and be filled on a first come, first serve basis. The Tug o War Challenge is only open to SXSs.

All vehicles should be present at 12PM noon on Thursday, April 8 at the Tug o War area. If participants are not present, they will forfeit the first round and be moved to the loser bracket.

First Place: $1500
Second Place: $750
Third Place: $500


  1. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed. This includes drivers and pit crews. Drivers must be sober to participate – breathalyzer will be administered prior to pulling.
  2. Drivers must furnish their own hitch. Hitch must be stationary and no higher than 32” from the ground (vertical or horizontal). Hitches may be moved up or down, in or out but never on a false start. No bumper mounted hitches.
  3. If a machine blows a tire (bead must be broke) while in competition, you will be disqualified for that round. If both SXS’s blow out a tire at the same time while hooked, both drivers will be given a 5-minute break to repair their tires and re-hook.
  4. Additional weight is not permitted. For example, coolers and toolboxes should be empty.
  5. If any part should fall off of a machine while in competition, the driver will be disqualified for that round. Minor items that do not affect the competition will not cause a disqualification – examples are cloth straps, rust, driver’s hat, etc. (The track officials will determine what these items are when unclear.)
  6. Machine doors must remain shut while competing or driver will be disqualified for that round.
  7. Each machine must stay in bounds on the concrete slab or it will be disqualified for that round (only if both SXS’s go out of bounds they will be able to re-hook).
  8. No machine can go in reverse once hooked (unless asked by a track official) or it will be disqualified for that round.
  9. For false starts, each machine receives one warning per hook. The machine will be disqualified for the round on the second offense.
  10. Drivers must stop when red flagged. If one of the drivers should jerk the other driver intentionally, that driver will be disqualified for that round. If the tug is already over, and the loser intentionally jerks the other machine, that driver will also be disqualified for the next round.
  11. There will be no one on the track except for track officials.
  12. Drivers must wear a seatbelt and a helmet when hooked. Race seats with 5-point harness allowed.
  13. Passengers are NOT permitted in the machine.
  14. Anyone acting in an un-sportsman like manner will automatically be disqualified from the event.
  15. Judge rulings are FINAL!
  16. Bumpers cannot stick out further than a traditional aftermarket bumper and cannot be used for weight (winch bumpers are acceptable).
  17. No solid suspensions are permitted. No blocking allowed. Lift kits are acceptable.
  18. Engine must be production class motor for the model it is installed in, i.e. no motor swaps for bigger motors or from different manufacturers.
  19. Must be 18 or older to participate with a valid driver’s license.

All rules subject to change.