Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I heard Mud Nationals was canceled. Is that true?

Every year this same rumor is started and every year we make the same announcement.  Mud Nationals has not been canceled nor will it be canceled.  It takes place every year rain or shine!  In the event that we have an unforeseen situation such as weather, etc. that we feel in the best interest of all attendees we need to cancel the event, High Lifter  will post it on their websites and their social media accounts.  You will not need to hear it or read it from any other source.  If you do, please check the High Lifter and/or the Mud Nationals site. You may also call the park hosting the Mud Nationals event that you are inquiring about.

Where do I register for the event?

Registrations for competitive events at Mud Nationals takes place at the Information Tent. Information and Event/Competition Registrations are available in the Information Tent located beside the High Lifter Retail Store in the vendor area.

What type of clothes do I need?

Mud Nationals weather is notorious for being extremely varied and at any time it can be extremely dusty, windy, rainy, hot, or muddy. Of course you always want to wear something comfortable, because a Mud Nationals day sure seems to last longer than normal one, as well as clothing and shoes that you don’t mind getting stained or dirty! Not to mention a few extra options just for a change out if your clothes are wet and/or uncomfortable.

Here’s a brief list of what High Lifter employees have learned to come prepared with:

Legs: Comfy jeans or shorts, waders, thermals

Feet: Heavy duty but comfortable boots (rain boots, waders, high-top hiking, work boots, or steel toed)

Torso: short and long sleeve shirts, a light but sturdy and warm wind breaker, rain poncho, thermals

Hands: Gloves (cold weather and/or riding)

Head: baseball or watch caps — not to mention your helmet

Forgot something? A lot of these items will be offered in the High Lifter Retail Store.

What kind of vendors/retailers will be there?

We have a complete list of vendors that will be at each of our Mud National events listed in the Vendor Area of the Event Page. Keep in mind, there are thousands of attendees and vendor supplies are limited. Don’t wait to the last minute to get that cool shirt you saw or grab that backup belt or axle while you can. Vendors are limited to what they can haul out to the event. Supplies sell out fast!

Is there a place for my RV, camper, or tent?

RV spots with hookups are typically sold out each year extremely fast so be sure to contact the host park to find out when the best time will be to jump on a spot for the next year! Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a spot with hookups, there are tons of acres of camping area available for self-contained campers, RVs, and tents – no reservation required, just come in and find a good spot to setup camp.

Please note: If you get to the park early to rope off any area for your friends, only rope off what is necessary. Excessive areas may be removed if too large.

Are there showers/toilets?

Each Mud National Event provides toilets that are kept as clean as possible throughout the event. Each venue has separate shower facilities; Arkansas – Hillarosa has stationary shower facilities and we will also provide extra mobile showers. Minnesota – Quadna Mountain Park has shower facilities, but due to the limited amount of facilities, a additional shower band can be purchased to use the onsite showers.

Are there phones available or cell service in the area?

Anybody coming to the park needs to keep their cell phones on, however please tell friends and family that they won’t always work due to the number of people that attend and therefore limited cell tower access. Please be mindful and considerate of this fact when using your phone at Mud Nationals and try to reduce cell phone usage if possible during this time. Due to the possibility of this ‘congestion’ we suggest you schedule a time with friends/family to check in as there is no way to locate anyone in the park if a family emergency happens and someone requests that we find you.

Will my property be safe during Mud Nationals?

Security and police officers will be on patrol in the campgrounds, parking areas, trails and vendor areas observing for any violation of park or High Lifter attendance rules and policies or other reckless, dangerous, or unlawful behavior. While attending Mud Nationals you are subject to all state laws. Don’t drink and drive, don’t litter, wear your seatbelt while driving outside the park, etc. Make sure all items in your camping area are secured, take keys out of vehicles when parked. Please make sure you lock up valuables so they are not in plain site. We ask that you respect others’ property and always be responsible when operating a vehicle in the park.

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